Baseball Lessons: It’s Never Over

Great seats, and a very special day with my girls.

Baseball is like life:  It isn’t over until it’s over.  No matter how dark the prospects, it isn’t over until our breath leaves us. There is always time for redemption, an unexpected blessing, forgiveness or to just say “I love you.”

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Childhood Dreams Fulfilled and a Ferry Ride


My last day as Captain Dad for a while. Saying goodbye to this airplane is like saying farewell to an old friend.

I happen to believe that this is all a part of God’s plan, more or less; at least, I hope that whatever it is that I am doing fits His purposes in one way or another.  One thing is for sure:  Disrupting events aren’t always bad things.  Sometimes they are very good. Continue reading “Childhood Dreams Fulfilled and a Ferry Ride”

Accepting Unacceptable

computer and coffee
If I can’t be home, at least there is coffee

Time owns us, in a sense.  It is the one resource that we cannot make more of.  In some ways, I think I am more sensitive to time’s passage than many others; my experiences with loss and my professional life have made me keenly aware of the perishability of both time and our own lives.  So, I am jealous that time dictates the time I have with you.  I wish I could partition off a piece of spacetime, and in doing so reserve a place of impassibility where we could spend our special moments in one another’s company. Continue reading “Accepting Unacceptable”

Unexpected Rome, and Thank God For It


st. angelo
Me at Castel Sant’Angelo, 1993

Many teenagers would have felt upset or even panicked at the prospect of leaving their established routine and casting off into the unknown.  For me, it was as if the prison gates had been flung wide open.  I was being set free from the shackles of my confused and miserable high school existence and given a fresh start. It turned out to be more transformative than I could have ever possibly imagined. Continue reading “Unexpected Rome, and Thank God For It”

Marvelous Frost and a Bit of Fishing

“Feuilles-avec-glace-leaves-with-ice-1” by Emmanuel Boutet – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons –

What I am saying is this:  Love the world.  It is amazing.  Dance and sing to her.  She was created by God for you. Continue reading “Marvelous Frost and a Bit of Fishing”

Old Fancy Dresses

dressesI should of been organizing, but instead, I treasured those moments with those old clothes.  I have treasured the times that we had while you wore them.  God willing, I will enjoy many more of those special moments.  The fact is this:  You will live many more years on your own that you will live with me.  I am already missing you dearly. Continue reading “Old Fancy Dresses”

A Day With My Teenager: Picasso, Adams and Turning Greens to Pinks

Alex with AdamsWhether you got anything out of our visit to the art museum is really irrelevant.  The most important thing is that, for just a little while, I had my daughter to myself.  I was yours and you were mine and we talked about big ideas and great things.  I went to bed that night feeling very much at peace. Continue reading “A Day With My Teenager: Picasso, Adams and Turning Greens to Pinks”