Hearing Requires True Listening

“Be still, and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10

How many times have I prayed aloud and ended the time spent with God as soon as I said, “Amen?” How is it that I have gone my whole life and never simply sat and waited for the answers? Like Elijah, I might have to endure storms, fires and earthquakes. But, if I wait long enough for the silence, maybe I can hear the voice of God again. Continue reading “Hearing Requires True Listening”



imageI especially love to pull up crabgrass; there is something about that particularly pernicious weed that reminds me of sin. It starts as an innocuous looking sprout with just a couple of tender green leaves. If it is left to feed on just a little bit of water and sunlight, it creeps outward, snaking about the good plants in a way that is just barely perceptible. Before long, the crabgrass smothers all that was beautiful in a tangled green mess of dense, thick and ropey vegetation. When crabgrass reaches this stage, only the most radical solution remains available: Hacking up the whole garden and pitching out the good plants with the bad. Continue reading “Weeds”

Accepting Unacceptable

computer and coffee
If I can’t be home, at least there is coffee

Time owns us, in a sense.  It is the one resource that we cannot make more of.  In some ways, I think I am more sensitive to time’s passage than many others; my experiences with loss and my professional life have made me keenly aware of the perishability of both time and our own lives.  So, I am jealous that time dictates the time I have with you.  I wish I could partition off a piece of spacetime, and in doing so reserve a place of impassibility where we could spend our special moments in one another’s company. Continue reading “Accepting Unacceptable”

Quarreling in Love

True love finds a way, no matter the obstacle

 Never lose sight of the fact that you are in love with the unpleasant side of a person as well as the side that is noble and agreeable.  We must love the whole of the person.  We cannot cleave them down the middle when the mood suits us. Continue reading “Quarreling in Love”

On Forgiveness

“The Life Line” by Winslow Homer

In neglecting to forgive myself, I am refusing to enjoy the gift of the day which God has given me, regarding it instead as a gift not worthy of my time and thankfulness.  Rather, I am making the easier choice to wallow in a far more imperfect world of my own creation, all for the fear of letting go of what He himself has rightfully released me from.   Continue reading “On Forgiveness”

Little Women in a Digital Universe

The thought has occurred to me…

As much as I hate to acquiesce to this fact, your life will be lived out online in full view of the world.  That being the reality, you must manage your “brand.”  In other words, you must consciously ensure that you create the impression that you want to endure.  Unguarded words or actions can last forever.   What I am saying is this:  Be exceptionally careful what and with whom you share on the internet.  Anything that you do online is immortal. Continue reading “Little Women in a Digital Universe”