About this blog. And me.

aboutmeprofileThere are always things I think about when I am talking to my kids, things that they aren’t ready to hear and ideas that are so unformed that they aren’t ready for their consumption.  A few years back, I began writing these thoughts down as a series of letters.  I thought my girls might benefit from knowing what was going on in between my ears during their childhood years.  Maybe, just maybe, there is a nugget or two of knowledge here that they might find helpful.  But, if they come away with nothing else when they do see this, I hope they understand that their father, imperfect though he may be, acted out of love.

About the author: I am just your run of the mill dad who happens to enjoy writing.  I am married to a fantastically beautiful lady who puts up with my foolishness and, as I am sure you have gathered, I am also the proud and clueless father two girls, ages 14 and 11.  When I am not being frustrated over the state of my lawn or playing with the dog, I am flying around as an airline pilot.


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