Accepting Unacceptable

computer and coffee
If I can’t be home, at least there is coffee

Time owns us, in a sense.  It is the one resource that we cannot make more of.  In some ways, I think I am more sensitive to time’s passage than many others; my experiences with loss and my professional life have made me keenly aware of the perishability of both time and our own lives.  So, I am jealous that time dictates the time I have with you.  I wish I could partition off a piece of spacetime, and in doing so reserve a place of impassibility where we could spend our special moments in one another’s company. Continue reading “Accepting Unacceptable”


Quarreling in Love

True love finds a way, no matter the obstacle

 Never lose sight of the fact that you are in love with the unpleasant side of a person as well as the side that is noble and agreeable.  We must love the whole of the person.  We cannot cleave them down the middle when the mood suits us. Continue reading “Quarreling in Love”