Christmas Past, Christmas Future: The Real Gifts

Twas_the_Night_Before_Christmas_-_Project_Gutenberg_eText_17135My favorite Christmas memories have been those holidays spent with you, no matter how lean the times were.  I cherished taking you to church and holding your hands as we listened to the familiar verses from Luke and Isaiah.  I never missed reading to you from my copy of Twas the Night Before Christmas.  I would spend hours penning letters to you from Santa Claus, sometimes finishing minutes before you awoke.  Those times are some of the most rewarding moments I have spent alive.  Continue reading “Christmas Past, Christmas Future: The Real Gifts”


On Forgiveness

“The Life Line” by Winslow Homer

In neglecting to forgive myself, I am refusing to enjoy the gift of the day which God has given me, regarding it instead as a gift not worthy of my time and thankfulness.  Rather, I am making the easier choice to wallow in a far more imperfect world of my own creation, all for the fear of letting go of what He himself has rightfully released me from.   Continue reading “On Forgiveness”

Unexpected Rome, and Thank God For It


st. angelo
Me at Castel Sant’Angelo, 1993

Many teenagers would have felt upset or even panicked at the prospect of leaving their established routine and casting off into the unknown.  For me, it was as if the prison gates had been flung wide open.  I was being set free from the shackles of my confused and miserable high school existence and given a fresh start. It turned out to be more transformative than I could have ever possibly imagined. Continue reading “Unexpected Rome, and Thank God For It”