Little Women in a Digital Universe

The thought has occurred to me…

As much as I hate to acquiesce to this fact, your life will be lived out online in full view of the world.  That being the reality, you must manage your “brand.”  In other words, you must consciously ensure that you create the impression that you want to endure.  Unguarded words or actions can last forever.   What I am saying is this:  Be exceptionally careful what and with whom you share on the internet.  Anything that you do online is immortal. Continue reading “Little Women in a Digital Universe”


Marvelous Frost and a Bit of Fishing

“Feuilles-avec-glace-leaves-with-ice-1” by Emmanuel Boutet – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons –

What I am saying is this:  Love the world.  It is amazing.  Dance and sing to her.  She was created by God for you. Continue reading “Marvelous Frost and a Bit of Fishing”