Flying Away In Suspended Time

sky Oh, but how to share that beauty?  That is the great paradox of a flying life!  I am destined to enjoy this love of mine alone, as you cannot see what I see and feel what I feel.  Your mother, God bless her, cannot understand.  The truth is this:  I am doomed to enjoy my unique privilege in virtual solitude because my words cannot adequately describe it, no film can really capture it, and no music can match its sublime beauty.  For me, it is as if I cannot speak to you in my native language. Continue reading “Flying Away In Suspended Time”


Checkride and an Empty Room


There will likely come a day that you will truly resent my choice of career.  Alexandria, you have already intonated sourly that you do.  I hope that when that full realization of how much time my career has cost us comes, I will be able to convince you that it was a harsh burden for me to bear as well. Continue reading “Checkride and an Empty Room”

Christmas in September: Cleaning and Dancing

800px-Poinsettia_thumbnailI want you to feel useful and know that you have a place of value in this world.  Being of value to others, especially in their times of greatest need, is where you will find your truest joy.  A life of service is a life well lived. Continue reading “Christmas in September: Cleaning and Dancing”

Prayer as “the Breath of Human Existance”

nouwenWith our true position and unique importance in creation clear in our meditative mind, we are now prepared to be instruments of God’s grace and a great force for good in the world.  It is in that preparation that we find our purpose, and in that holy purpose the well-spring of true inner peace is found. Continue reading “Prayer as “the Breath of Human Existance””

BunnyPig and Embracing Changes

bunnypigBe comfortable with the person that you happen to be in whatever time you are that person.  God is shaping and molding you for the next adventure.  Enjoy that person and the metamorphosis into another person and understand that change is part of a full and productive life. Continue reading “BunnyPig and Embracing Changes”

On September 11th

wtcI hate to admit it, but some of my worst fears about the world my child (now children) would be born into came to pass. Are we any better off? I don’t think so.  Regardless of what side of the spectrum a person’s particular political persuasion resides, it can be agreed that there is little different under the sun. Unless, of course, if you are among the families of the loved and lost. Then your world is irrevocably shattered. Continue reading “On September 11th”

My Grandfather, Part Five: Blessed, Holy, Poor in Spirit. Amen.


me and pa crab shackThis is the final installment of a five blog post series that consists of essays previously written about my Grandfather.  In a eulogy that I was honored to give at his graveside, I spoke ineloquently about the man he was and the legacy that I thought he left behind.  It was my way of saying goodbye, but it was also my way of conveying to the center of my world (my girls) the kind of people I want them to become.

As you read this, wherever you are and whomever you are, may God grant you the grace to see yourself as an instrument of his grace and bless you with a holy sense of spiritual poverty.  That sense is the wellspring from which all truly good thing flow.  Amen. Continue reading “My Grandfather, Part Five: Blessed, Holy, Poor in Spirit. Amen.”